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Mr. and Mrs. Battice (15 years)

A Second Chance at Love
Scott and Mandy met in November 1993
Their first wedding date was July 29th 1994
They Re-Married on March 27th 1999 and have been blissfully in love ever since. Read below to see how this couple matured, grew their faith in God, and realized that what God has joined together no man or woman will put asunder.
Ardmore, Oklahoma
**Pink are Mandy’s word**Blue are Scott’s words**Purple are from both

1. The first thing that caught my eye when I saw Scott was his stunning smile and then I noticed how sexy his legs were while wearing basketball shorts. Once he had my attention, I was attracted to how friendly he was. His outgoing and pleasant personality was just what I was looking for.  Our conversations would last for hours and I loved how comfortable it was talking and laughing with him.  After knowing Scott for several years and watching his love for the Lord grow, I knew he was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.
Mandy’s qualities were her faith in God, her beauty, her outgoing/spontaneous personality and her desire to raise our children in a Christian home. She still has these qualities. I felt I was out of her league. I still believe that.
2.  Keeping romance alive is much easier before you have a family, so you have to get pretty creative once kids come along.  Being affectionate (hugs and kisses); having a date night, saying “I love you” and really meaning it are just a few ways to keep romance going.
3.  My favorite part of marriage is knowing that my best friend will be by my side forever unconditionally! We are living this life together, no matter what the future holds.
4.  Having God in our lives has been the most important aspect of making our marriage successful. When Scott and I were first married we were careless and selfish.  The Lord was not a priority for us; the lifestyle we lived was very reckless.  After three years we called it quits.  Once we went our separate ways and began living for Jesus, we reconnected and knew we were meant to be together.  We prioritized our faith and remarried and I’m happy to share that three kids later, we just celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary.
5.  Stressful times will definitely come in a marriage and the best way to handle them is through conversation.  Lots of talking, listening, praying and moving forward as a team will lead to success.  
6.  Learning how to be a better listener is a priority in a healthy relationship.  So many times we are busy thinking of what we are going to say next, instead of actually listening to what our partner is saying. 
7. Our Christian values are our number one strength in our marriage. Those values include knowing that divorce is NOT an option.  We are in this together for the long haul, and we will use our resources to stay on the right path.
8a.  What I love about my wife is her desire to be best person she can be.- the best mother, the best wife, the best teacher.. She has a loving, outgoing personality that brings a smile to my face. My kids have been greatly influenced by their mother.
b.   What I love about my husband is his Godly leadership in our home. He is a positive, moral role model for me and our children.  He is an example of the kind of man that I want our son to grow up like and the kind of man I want our daughters to marry.
9.  Advice to newlyweds:     
~Keep the Romance
~Keep outside forces from affecting your marriage
(work, kids, friendships, biological families)
~Keep God first
~Seek help/counseling when needed
10.  The best song that describes our marriage is: Never Gonna Let You Go by Sergio Mendes. We played this song during the ceremony when we were re-married, committing to each other that we would never let each other go again!


  1. Love the fact that they both... contributed 100% to telling and sharing their story.. this is really a testimony of how love... amongst other things, can conquer all. Great story!


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