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Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Day Tips -->Have checklists for EVERYTHING!!! -->If a caterer is not hired, always bring extra silverware, plates, and cups. -->The cake table must have: the cake(s), knife & cake server, gloves (for those who cut & serve cake), an actual knife/server (in case the 'wedding' ones are not doing the job fast enough), small plates, and forks. It is also a great idea to ask your baker for a small box for the top tier. -->The guest book should be placed on a bistro table, to prevent guest from bending over to sign it. It is also acceptable to tell guests that they can return later to sign the guest book to avoid standing in a long line and being missing the processional. -->If your family has volunteered to serve your guests in the buffet line, space the food out (to avoid crowding and accidents) and be sure to have 1 person for every dish. -->It is always a good idea to place the drink(s) and cups on a separate table to avoid spills. Y