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What Will Your Guests Wear?

Levels of Formality {Super Fancy} Black Tie Traditionally, black tie attire marks a very formal event-takes place in a  house of worship or  an upscale venue, has an elaborate sit-down dinner and features at least 200 guests and a large wedding party. Brides and bridesmaids wear elegant, full-length gowns (with train and veil for the bride), and grooms and groomsmen wear black tailcoats and pants, white stiff shirts and white ascot ties and black socks and shoes. Invitations are engraved with traditional typeface and wording. Live band or orchestra and antique cars or limousines are usually present. {Fancy} Formal  A formal wedding is typically held in a house of worship or hotel, starts in the afternoon or evening, has a sit-down dinner or buffet at the reception and features at least 100 guests. The bride at a formal wedding wears a full-length gown with a sweep or chapel train, and a fingertip veil. Grooms and groomsmen wear tuxedos. Brid

I said YES, now what do I do??

You're engaged! Now What???? First, tell your family. You do not want them to find out on social media or from your friends. If you have your ring, go ahead and insure it. Your ring was a BIG investment! Treat it as such!! Insurance will replace your ring if lost or stolen.   Photos!!! No, I'm not talking about selfies!! LOL! Have a quick engagement photo session. Take some and give to family and friends or order just a few for you, him, and the parents.  Think about your guest list. Determining the number of guests will help with venue selection and budget. The more guest, the bigger the venue. The more guest, the bigger the budget.  Choose your wedding date range. I say 'range' just in case the exact date that you want may not be available at the exact venue that you want.  Set your budget. Decide who will pay for what. Start saving. Select your venue options. Do you want your ceremony and reception at the same place? Do you want a dest