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Mr. and Mrs. Hagar (34 years)

"She is good in so many ways....." ********************************************************** Brenda & E.J. Hagar has known each other for over 37 years. She had a high school crush on him and he wasn't interested.   Two months after graduation, Brenda found out that E.J had broken up with his girlfriend so she seized the opportunity to reconnect by writing him a letter (he was a member of the USAF and stationed in Japan). That was the original You’ve Got Mail .  He came home from Japan in July 1979 and they were married on October 27, 1979.  No formal courtship– just a romance through the mail. Married for 34 years, Brenda and E.J shares a few words of wisdom.   ª       Brenda , what do you love about E.J ?  He is patient, kind, and faithful. ª       E. J , what do you love about Brenda ?  Everything!!  She is my best friend, lover, and soul mate.  She is compassionate and giving.  She is good in so many ways.  That's why I love her. ©

Money Saving Tips on Decor

You want your wedding and reception to look nice but you can't afford to spend $300 for each of the 12 floral centerpieces that you what do you do??? First, relax! Guests will not notice if your centerpieces cost $30 or $300. All eyes will be on you and your honey the entire time! Guests attend your wedding to celebrate your big day with you, not to pick apart your day. *If you have those people on your guest list- the nitpickers , remove them now!!. You want your day to be full of good vibes, love, and happiness!* Read below for some quick tips on how to save money on your décor! Do one thing in abundance and it will make a big impact. Gather tons of branches – even from your backyard – and place them in large vases. Save money on buying flowers wholesale and then pay a florist to do simple arrangements. Study up on flowers. Once you know what’s in season, make your selections from those and see how much further your floral budget goes. Ge