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Celebrating Decades of LOVE!

Decades of Love in Marriage   The media, reality television, and social network seem to focus solely on the negative aspects of relationships rather than focus on the relationships that are strong, genuine and everlasting.   Marriage is not a trend or just the next step to a relationship.  It is a committed vow to love one another through ... well EVERYTHING. There are SO MANY stories of couples who have worked through it all and still have a love like no other.  These are the stories we should see, read and hear about. I want to highlight the REAL love stories --marriages that have overcame the obstacles (the good and bad times, the rich and poor times, the sick days and healthy days) that they faced! Let's celebrate YOU !!! Throughout the month of April, I will be showcasing couples who have been married 10+ years! Stay tuned. Their stories will melt your heart! They are also providing great advice to newlyweds!   As a thank you for participating, all couples wi

Marriage vs. Wedding

As a Wedding Planner, I love a pretty wedding just like everyone else....but I truly appreciate a sincere, genuine marriage.  A marriage will outlast the wedding.         Kiss and Tell Weddings

Save Some Trees....Save Some Money....

Remaining within budget is the key to planning your wedding and reception!   Instead of paying extra for your invitations to arrive assembled, gather your bridal party and set up an assembly line. Make this a "Girl's Nite" with snacks, drinks, and music! Stick to the basics. Forgo the colored ink and foil stamping on invitations and other printed materials. Guests are more concerned with the news of you getting married, not the color of the ink on the invitation. Printed menus on guest tables. Popular? Yes. Necessary? No. Some reception venues will create simple menus for you. Find out if your venue will provide that service. If not, create your own and find an online company that will print them for you at a reasonable price. Go to a crafts store for do-it-yourself invitation/program kits. With a computer and creativity, you can get inexpensive, one-of-a-kind results. Love the fancy look of a calligrapher? Save money by recruiting

Looking to save money on photography?

For many, your wedding is a once in a lifetime event. You will want to cherish this day for the rest of your lives. What better way to do that than with photographs and/or video!! The photographs taken at your wedding are your memories of the big day so it is important that you hire a good photographer-preferably one who specializes in weddings. Here are a couple of tips that may help you save some cash!  Google Images Consider hiring a professional photographer for the formal shots of your ceremony only. Place disposable cameras on the reception tables for guests to capture candid moments. For best results, book your photographer at least nine (9) months before the wedding. Try to negotiate at least one free parents' album with the purchase of the bride and groom's album. Though you shouldn’t trust your wedding photography to just anyone, ask friends if they know of a pro who does weddings part time. A photographer who has other sources of income, can usually aff