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So Many Cards!!

Image   Wedding stationery can be a bit overwhelming! Let's take a moment to explain the different types of stationery associated with weddings. Save-the-Date Cards give guests as much time as possible to plan to attend your wedding. The ideal time to sent save-the-date cards notifications is six (6) or seven (7) months prior. Pew Cards are for guests who will sit in the first few rows of pews. Seating Cards or Escort Cards are used to let guests know where they should be seated at the reception. Response Cards are enclosed with the invitation to determine the number of people who will attend your wedding. Response cards are used to provide an exact head count for meals or for special seating arrangements. A Reception Card provides the date, time and location for the reception. A Ceremony Card provides the date, time and location for the ceremony. Rain Cards provide information about an alternate location in case of bad weather. Rain cards