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Mr. and Mrs. Franks (19 years)

"It's my strength for holding on Every minute that I have to be gone I'll have everything I'll ever need I'm carrying your love with me" Greg and Kelly Franks ©       How did you meet? We met on the internet when it wasn't popular in 1996, when there were chat rooms.  My sister brought home her computer from college and told me NOT to share ANY personal info with anyone.  He asked if there were any cute TX girls and I instant messaged him yes I was. We chatted on private message for 4 hrs and he was a hen pecker so I asked him if he wanted to call me.  He called and we talked until 6 am.  That was at Thanksgiving.  We kept talking and he bought me a plane ticket to come see him for New Years Eve.  I flew and he picked me up.  He put me in a hotel.  We were engaged 1 month later and married June 26, 1996. ©       What do you love about your husband? He was hard working, VERY caring, and SO KIND!!!  I knew right away I would spend th

Mr. and Mrs. Brady (15 years)

"I love sharing fun times and building memories with him and our kids." Couple's Name: Charles & Penni  How long have you known each other? 19 years Penni, how did you meet? "I was an incoming freshman at East Central University. He was  a sophomore and on the leadership team. They divided the incoming freshmen into " families". Luckily, Charles was a leader in my "family". Our first 'family get together' was at Mazzio's. Charles sat by me. A few weeks later he caught me in the BSU and asked me out on date. He took me to Bandanas in Ada. After eating and unbeknownst to me, stomping all over his boots during dinner, we went to Bible study. We began to hang out and eventually started dating." Date Married: *July 15, 2000 v What qualities did you see in this person that made you want to marry him/her?  Charles was attractive, attentive to me, fun to be with, outgoing, and he made me feel important and

Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter (12 years)

"He loves me with all of his heart." Jerrod and Lisa knew each other in high school. casual acquaintances with no sparks. all of that changes one fateful evening at a local pub. he was standing across the room. recognizing him, lisa walked up to him  and said, "hey I haven't seen you in a long time." Jerrod agreed. the last time they saw each other was at Kauffman hall on the university of Oklahoma's campus. casually, Jerrod said, "where have you been?" lisa crushed him with her next 3 words- "I got married." sort of disappointed, He backed off. then lisa brightened his day with her next statement- "but I'm divorced now!". jerrod scooted closer ... and they have been scooting every since. jerrod and lisa married on July 19, 2003 What qualities did you see in this person that made you want to marry him/her?   lisa: He was caring, handsome,   and had great arms Jerrod: Great Mother! When I