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After the Ceremony, Before the Reception....Do This!

  You have exchanged rings and vows! You are done taking wedding party what?! Before you enter the reception hall and dance the night away take a few moments to enjoy being married. After all, this is the moment that you both have been waiting for! Don't worry about your guests, they will be fine without seeing you for another 10 minutes. Take some time to be alone as a couple. Once you enter the reception doors you will be swamped with conversations, hugs, kisses, pictures, toasts, and dancing. Eat!! Sounds crazy but my husband and I did not get to eat at our reception. I remember the wait staff preparing our plates...they handed them to us...we sat at our Sweetheart Table...was about to take a bite...and then guests started talking to us! At the end of the night we realized that we only had a piece of cake (the small piece that you feed each other for the photo op) and a sip of Sprite during the toast. Have your wedding planner prepare small plates for you and your

*60 and Fabulous* 8.15.2021

  Carla turned 60!   August 15, 2021 was all about Gold, Fun, Laughter, and Carla!! Carla entered her 60th Birthday Bash dancing in to Stevie Wonder's 'Happy Birthday'.    Friends, family, and Church members graced Carla with their presence and kept her smiling.  Happy 60th and Fabulous Birthday Carla! Dream Team: Planner:  Kiss and Tell Weddings  Venue: Nick Harroz-MWC Community Center Photography:  Kingston Photography OKC, OK