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10 Ways to Save $$$$

10 Best Ways to Cut Costs {according to Mindy Weiss..with my 2 cents added} 1. Trim the guest list: the fewer guests--the fewer tables--the fewer centerpieces, the fewer expenses 2. Choose a gorgeous setting: this cuts down on the cost of decorations 3. Use a reception site that is already equipped with tables, chairs, flatware, and staff: save on delivery fees 4. Start the wedding earlier in the day: an early wedding means less food...unless you and your future spouse are foodies! 5. Limit the alcoholic offerings to wine, beer, and a signature cocktail ...or skip the alcohol altogether! 6. Move the wedding from Saturday to Sunday: or possibly to a weekday. Venues are less expensive during the week. 7. Eliminate the champagne toast: guests can raise their punch, water, or tea in your honor 8. Hire a DJ instead of a band.  9. Opt for standard sized invitations: irregular shaped invitations cost more to ship. 10. Skip favors: unless they are spectacula