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Unique Guest Book Ideas

Instead of the run-of-the-mill guest book, do something different to record memories of your big day!

Looking for a Caterer? Start Here!

Q: Should I hire a caterer? A: If your reception facility does not provide food, you will need to hire a caterer.

The caterer will be responsible for preparing, cooking, and serving the food. Hiring a caterer is an investment that will save you time and money. The best part is that it will allow your family to be guests at your wedding instead of cooks and wait staff!

Sample Questions to Ask Your Wedding Caterer
1.Given the style, time, and date of my wedding, what are some menu items that you suggest? What would the cost-per-person be?
2.Do you have any particular style of food or special menu items that you specialize in?
3.How many other weddings will your company handle that same weekend/day/hour?
4.Are you licensed? (this means that they have met health department standards and have liability insurance)Do you have a liquor license?
5.How does the cost-per-person of a buffet compare to that of a sit-down dinner?
6.Does that cost-per-person just cover the food, or are charges such as …