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Tips from REAL Wedding Vendors

I asked REAL wedding vendors what they wished their clients knew and here are their answers: Kory, owner of  Kingston Photography : Backgrounds and Locations - "I wish they would discuss if there is going to be sort of color coordination so I can decide in advance what background or location to use."  Wedding Planners - "YES! You should definitely hire a planner, someone to be in charge of the event....there is nothing worse than getting orders from 10 different family members!" Children - "If the children in the wedding tend to get cranky when they are tired, make sure they take a nap before the shoot." Weather - "Check the weather on the day of your wedding. Keep in mind that if you are taking outside photos and it is windy, you need to have a comb, brush, mirror, hair spray, etc on hand." ********************************************************** Private Chef and Caterer Liz Davis: "The total head count

Cori wants to know...

simplesimplicity2112 I asked some Brides-to-Be that if they had any wedding related questions to send them to me. Below are the questions Cori had. Hopefully, they will answer some questions that have been on your mind. If not, give me a call! Cori: "Is it ok to not have flower girls at a wedding? " KTW: Absolutely! Usually when the flower girl arrives it signals that the Bride is about to enter. Instead of having a flower girl forewarn your guests, have the officiant to ask your guests to 'please stand'.              Cori: "What's the one thing we should spend the majority of our budget on?" KTW: Other than your dress, I would suggest food, photography, and/or music! Think about your non-negotiable(s)? Is your dress more important than the flowers? If so, budget more for your dress and less for flowers. Do you want the best photographer that money can buy? If so, scale back on the open bar. Offer one glass of champagne for the toas

Tiffeny wants to know....

Hello Newly Engaged!!! I asked some Brides-to-Be that if they had any wedding related questions to send them to me. Below is the question that Tiffeny had. Tiffeny: Any suggestions on how to make an elegant floral centerpiece with artificial flowers? KTW: Find a floral designer or florist to create your centerpiece for you. Here are a couple of examples from certified floral designer, Trish Wells of Trish Wells Designs ! She has a fast turn around service and reasonable rates.