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What about the children??

Google Images Google Images Invite the children?? If you decide not to invite children, do not write it on your invites. Simply address the invite to the parents, omitting the children. Let word spread by mouth.  What parts of the wedding can children be a part of? *Junior Groomsmen/Bridesmaids/Ushers (ages 4 to 8) *Ring Bearers (ages 4 to 8) *Page/Train Bearer(s) (ages 6 to 9)--This English tradition usually is performed by two little boys who follow the bride down the aisle, carrying her long train. Feel free to have girl pages! *Candle Kids (ages 9 to 12) Alter Arrangements: Where do they stand? Include children attendants in the altar line-up only if they are old enough to stand still comfortable for the duration of your ceremony. Otherwise, stand them behind you, in front of your older attendants, or have them sit with their parents.  I have a child(ren) from a previous marriage/relationship. I want them to be included in my ceremony...any ideas? Inclu

What To Wear....What To Wear.....

Wedding Gowns....It's all in the details! In selecting your wedding dress, keep in mind the time of year and formality of your wedding. It is a good idea to look at bridal magazines to compare the various styles and colors. You should order your wedding dress at least four (4) to six (6) months before your wedding, especially if it has to be specially ordered and fitted. There is no set rule on how many dresses you should try on before you have fun and choose something that YOU love! When ordering your gown, make sure you order the correct size. If you are between sizes or prone to weight gain, order the larger one. You can always have your gown tailored down to fit, but it is not always possible to have it enlarged or to lose enough weight to fit into it. Be sure to get the delivery date in writing!  Pinterest Photos