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Hire a Wedding Planner!!

Take a deep breath, climb atop of the biggest bed you can find, and jump up and down hysterically!!! YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!!!!!                               Congratulations on your engagement!! Now regain your composure and call your parents. Tell them the good news first. Then send a mass text to all of your family and friends!! The 'proper' way would be to hold an engagement party and formally announce your engagement, but let's face has changed all of the rules! So here's an idea....tell your friends and THEN have an engagement party and 'formally' announce your engagement!! I highly recommend hiring a bridal consultant and/or wedding planner (here comes the plug.... Kiss and Tell Weddings ) to help you with the logistics (date, location, theme, budget, style, etc.) of your wedding.  As your bridal consultant, I will not tell you what to do but rather  listen  to your wishes and desires of your dream wedding. You may walk into t