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What You Don't See...

What you don’t see is...

The time it took to contact the venue, negotiate the contract, find a caterer, figure out the budget, contact the DJ, execute the backup plan because the DJ was late, set up 25+ tables, dress over 300 chairs, start the wedding on time, end on time to prevent additional fees, and breakdown all décor by midnight! 

What you do see is...

My assistant and I having the time of our lives making sure your day is flawless. We have such a good time! We have been blessed to work with the sweetest couples who have the nicest and funniest wedding party. We have worked with the most caring parents and amazingly professional vendors.


I’m the person you don’t see! My assistant is the person you don’t see! We are the people you need. 😁

Wedding planners are an investment, not an extra expense.

Call or text today to plan your 2020, 2021, or 2022 wedding!

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