Mr. and Mrs. Benson 6.18.2022

V'Jonae and Max: 

A College Love Story Culminating in a Magical June Wedding

On a radiant June 18, 2022, the enchanting love story of V'Jonae and Max reached its pinnacle as they exchanged vows and celebrated their union in front of family and friends who had traveled from far and wide.

Their journey began in college, where V'Jonae and Max's connection transcended the ordinary. From the moment they met, an unbreakable bond formed, and they became inseparable. Their love story unfolded across campus, marked by shared laughter, late-night conversations, and the kind of companionship that promised a lifetime together.

As they stood at the altar on that magical June day, the culmination of years spent growing and evolving together was evident. Family and friends gathered, flying in from various places to witness the union of these two souls who had found their forever in each other.

The ceremony was a testament to the love that had flourished since their college days. Surrounded by the support and warmth of their loved ones, V'Jonae and Max embarked on the next chapter of their lives. The air was filled with joy, excitement, and the promise of a beautiful future as they exchanged heartfelt vows.

The celebration that followed was nothing short of spectacular. Laughter echoed, glasses clinked, and the dance floor came alive with the vibrant energy of friends and family who had gathered to honor the love of V'Jonae and Max. Each moment was a reflection of the shared history and the anticipation of a future filled with love and joy.

V'Jonae and Max's wedding was more than an event; it was a celebration of a love that had stood the test of time. From college sweethearts to partners for life, their journey had come full circle, and their commitment to each other was unwavering.

Join us in raising a glass to V'Jonae and Max, a couple whose love story began in college and blossomed into a beautiful journey of togetherness. May their days be filled with endless love, laughter, and the continuation of a story that started on a college campus and now unfolds as a lifelong adventure.

Dream Team

Corinth Baptist Church Ardmore, OK 

Ardmore Convention Center  Ardmore, OK 

MAKEUP-Extra’d Out Faces 

LOVE RENTALS-J Lit Maquee Jamie {580-229-7447} 

HAIR-Hair by J Jamie {580-226-5584} 

WEDDING PLANNER-Kiss and Tell Weddings Myiesha {405-309-9311} 

PHOTOGRAPHER- Little Pope Photography 

CATERER/STAFFING-Chef Prince Mason Prince Mason {} 

DJ- DJ Gemini Marchello Anderson {} 

OFFICIANT-Pastor Walton 

BAKER- MJs Cakes Martha {} 

BARTENDER-Dollar Philips Dollar Philips {} 



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