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Lateesha and Fredrick's Love Story: A Beautiful Celebration at The Springs

Lateesha and Fredrick embarked on their journey into marital bliss at The Springs on a splendid 11th of August, 2022. Their love story is one that transcends time, marked by a deep connection and unwavering commitment that extended long before they exchanged vows.

The picturesque setting of The Springs served as the backdrop for their outdoor ceremony, where Lateesha and Fredrick pledged their love and commitment to each other. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, their love radiated, creating an atmosphere filled with warmth and genuine emotion.

What makes Lateesha and Fredrick's union even more extraordinary is their dedication to each other long before they officially became husband and wife. Their journey was adorned with moments of love, understanding, and a shared vision for the future. They truly embodied the essence of marital vows and commitments.

One of the highlights of their special day was Lateesha's heartfelt gesture. She dedicated months to rehearse a specially choreographed dance, a testament to the depth of her love for Fredrick. This dance, performed with grace and precision, not only showcased Lateesha's dedication but added an extra layer of personalization to their celebration.

As Lateesha and Fredrick danced under the open sky, surrounded by the love of family and friends, it was a moment that encapsulated the beauty of their journey. The choreographed dance was not just a performance; it was a symbolic expression of their love story—a story that had been evolving long before this day.

Lateesha and Fredrick's wedding at The Springs was not just an event; it was a celebration of enduring love and shared commitment. Every detail reflected their unique connection, and the atmosphere was filled with joy, laughter, and the promise of a beautiful future together.

Join us in celebrating Lateesha and Fredrick's love story—a tale of love that grew, flourished, and reached new heights on that magical day at The Springs. May their journey continue to be filled with love, happiness, and countless cherished moments.

Dream Team


The Springs Event Venue Edmond, OK 73025 (405) 757-5352


Contact: Michael Harris {405-600-4998}


VIDEOGRAPHER/PHOTOBOOTH-Ever After Wedding Videography Contact: James Ridley {405-306-8689}


 Contact: Myiesha {405-309-9311}


BAKER-OKC Cake Lady 

Contact: Nicole {405-237-8968}


Contact: Rudolph Tolar {405-274-1660}

DJ- DJ Young Gator 

Contact: Jaun Cozart {918-840-2969}

DESSERTS-Ms. Gundy’s Pies 

Contact: Lashaunda Gundy {405-804-1821}

CATERER-Chef Prince 

Contact: Prince Mason {405-501-4946}

SINGER-Tammy Hamilton 

BARTENDER-Amber’s Bartending 

Contact: Amber {405-772-6993}


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