You do need a wedding planner, but which type?

*Hourly Wedding Consultant

 This type of planner is best known for providing consultations and advice. If you have a couple of issues or questions, such as finding a venue or wondering what you should ask your florist...then an hourly wedding consultant is for you!

Your consultant can meet with you as much as you need them to. They can assist you from the day after your engagement until the day of your wedding. Keep in mind that they are there to consult and give advice; they are NOT there to plan your wedding (unless you hire them for planning services). 

*Full Service Wedding Planner

Just as the title suggests, a full-service planner does it all! From managing the guest list and RSVPs to being there on your wedding day to make sure it all happens as planned! Contrary to what many believe, a full-service wedding planner is part of your wedding budget, not an additional expense!

*Day-of Wedding Planner

Do you want to oversee the details of your wedding but would like a professional to be around on the ‘big day’ to make sure things run smoothly? If so, then a Day-of planner is for you! Keep in mind that Day-of planning typically begins 2-4 months prior to your wedding.

Check out our services here, then call or text 405-309-9311 for a FREE wedding assessment!

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